All divorces have the potential to be complicated, regardless of how long the couple’s been together, the amount of money they make, or how many children they have. One thing that can complicate a divorce, though, is the value of the couple’s assets. In a high net worth divorce, unique challenges around property division, alimony, and child support must be delicately navigated. At the Law Office of Heather M. Ward, our experienced Massachusetts divorce attorney is here to support you and advocate for your best interests throughout the process. Reach us today for your consultation. 

Challenges in a High Net Worth Divorce

If you are involved in a high net worth marriage and you and your partner are separating, you may face magnified difficulties pertaining to:

  • Property division. Marital property is to be divided equitably in Massachusetts. But in a high net worth divorce, determining what’s “equitable” might be highly disputed. What’s more, even tracing down all of a couple’s or an individual’s assets may be challenging, and one partner may even try to hide assets in a divorce. There may also be complicated tax issues in a high net worth divorce. 
  • Business valuations. As part of a property division settlement, couples may need to seek a business valuation and consider various options for dividing the business equitably. In addition to a business, it may also be challenging to divide retirement accounts, stocks and investments, real estate, assets held in a trust, a pension, etc. 
  • Child support. All parents who are separating and who have shared children will need to form a parenting plan that addresses custody and visitation; they will also need to reach a child support settlement. Because income is considered in calculating a child support amount, a party to a high net worth divorce may be subject to a large child support order. 
  • Alimony/spousal support. Alimony is appropriate in a Massachusetts divorce when one party in the marriage is financially dependent on the other. In calculating an alimony award, the judge will consider a number of factors, including the income and assets of each party. The value of an award for spousal support can be especially contentious in a high asset divorce. 

Get Help from an Experienced Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

If you are in a high net worth marriage, there is a lot on the table if you’re getting a divorce. When you work with the Law Office of Heather M. Ward, our experienced Massachusetts divorce attorney can help you to understand divorce laws in our state, including the laws pertaining to financial disclosure, equitable division of property, spousal maintenance, and child support. Attorney Heather M. Ward will work hard to uncover your spouse’s hidden assets and advocate for your best interests. To learn more about your rights and why you need our aggressive divorce attorney on your side, send our law firm a message today or contact us directly at (617) 903-8955. We are here for you.