Unlike days past, same-sex couples have just as much a right to parenthood as anyone. So if you’re hoping to adopt a child with your same-sex partner, you need to know that there aren’t specific laws addressing adoption among same-sex couples in Massachusetts—which means you both can adopt jointly. But as always, individual adoption experts might have their own requirements.

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Massachusetts Child Adoption and Custody Laws

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that same-sex partners could adopt kids. If you live in Massachusetts, you can adopt a child no matter your sexual orientation. Moreover, same-sex couples may adopt a child jointly, which means that the adopted child gets two legal parents. This reflects the family situation more accurately.

Under Massachusetts law, a child born to a wedded couple is presumed to belong to both spouses. But Massachusetts couples should nevertheless consider adopting a child jointly. This can be helpful in the event of a couple moving out of state. 

During divorce, a gay or lesbian couple will have similar custody and visitation rights as any other wedded couple. A Massachusetts court will approve or determine a child visitation schedule and custody based on the child’s best interests. There’s no single factor that determines whether it will be a joint custody or which parent will get custody. The court instead considers all the circumstances in total to determine the best interests of the child. 

Co-Parent Adoption

Also known as a “step-parent” or “second-parent” adoption, a co-parent adoption refers to the joint adoption of a child by one individual who’s already the child’s legal or biological parent with another individual who isn’t. 

Co-parent adoption establishes a legal and permanent relationship between adoptive parents and a child, where the child was previously only related to one parent. A perfect example is a child adopted by a stepparent who’s keen to create their own parental rights.

Who’s Perfect for Co-Parent Adoption?

Many people use co-parent adoptions to create a child-parent relationship in the spouse or partner of the individual who already has one child or more. 

For instance, a woman with two kids from a past relationship can seek a co-parent adoption alongside her new partner so as to legally create her partner’s parental rights. Similarly, a sex-same pair who conceived through a sperm donor would seek a co-parent adoption to establish a child-parent relationship in the non-biological parent. 

Under Massachusetts law, same-sex couples are allowed and even encouraged to adopt children. Adoption is also allowed no matter if the couple is married or not. In essence, couples seeking a co-parent adoption look to convince the courts that the unrelated spouse is definitely a true parent, and that they should establish the parent-child relationship legally and permanently. 

Know Your Legal Rights 

In 2016, adoption by same-sex partners became legal in every state. But based on the jurisdiction, couples can still face some challenges. For instance, some states restrict the fostering of children by same-sex couples. Other couples have had difficulties with agencies and social workers in the process of adoption.

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