There are many reasons why marriages fail, and stress, tensions, and fights over money is one of them. If you are thinking about a divorce, reach out to a Massachusetts divorce attorney. 

The decision to get a divorce is one that’s not easily made. To be sure, divorce is typically a last-resort option, following months of unhappiness or years of tension in the marriage. While there are numerous reasons that people get divorced, one common source of tension in the marriage that can ultimately lead to a divorce is money. In fact, according to an article in Business Insider, money is the number one thing that couples argue about. So, why is money such a divisive issue, and what can couples do to avoid or alleviate financial disagreements? 

Money Is a Common Stressor

Perhaps the most obvious reason why money is a top cause of disagreement in a relationship, and even a common cause of a divorce, is because money is a common stressor regardless of relationship status. To be sure, worries about money, financial emergencies, paying down debts, and making big financial decisions are often difficult for individuals who are single; making such a decision or facing financial issues as a couple can be that much more wearing. 

Disagreements About Money Can Highlight Different Values

Not only is money a common stressor for people, including both those who are single and those who identify as being in a relationship, but money issues can also highlight different values. For example, one party in the relationship may want to take a more minimalist approach to spending and living, while another may have more extravagant tastes. If spouses have opposing views of how money should be used and the value of money in the relationship or in life, disagreements are more likely. 

Secret Money Moves Can Feel Like “Financial Infidelity”

Depending on how parties in a relationship have agreed to approach income, saving, and spending, certain financial decisions can feel like “financial infidelity,” particularly when they are made without consulting the other spouse, or are even hidden from the other spouse. For example, one spouse may make a large investment without consulting the other spouse, or one spouse may go on a large shopping spree, hiding the receipts. Decisions like these can feel like a violation of trust, and erode the strength of the marriage over time. 

How to Mitigate Money Issues in Your Marriage

While money may be a topic that leads to conflict, there are ways to have a healthy relationship with money in your marriage. Recommendations include:

  • Have a calm and honest conversation with your partner about any anxieties related to money that you each have.
  • Work to employ various tools for money management, including working with a financial planner if appropriate. 
  • Communicate expectations for how money will be managed, how disagreements will be handled, and what your values are surrounding money. 
  • Be honest! Hiding funds or debts is never a wise idea.

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