For many people, a vacation home is more than just a property: it’s a place full of nostalgic memories, a place that triggers emotions and thoughts of family and friends, and a home that one plans to return to time and time again. Which is why in a divorce, the issue of selling or splitting a vacation home can be so divisive and emotional. At the Law Office of Heather M. Ward, we can help you to protect your vacation home in a divorce. Reach us today to learn more about how to get started. 

How to Protect Your Vacation Home During Your Divorce

While there is no guarantee that a divorce settlement or judgment will be issued in your favor, there are a few things that you can do to protect your vacation home during your divorce–

  • Disclose all assets. When you are getting divorced, you have a legal and a moral obligation to disclose all of your assets to your spouse and to the court. Not only is failing to do so unfair, but if you’re caught, it could significantly jeopardize your chances of walking away with a property division judgment in your favor. 
  • Know the law. When you are fighting to save property in a divorce, knowing the law can make a big difference in your case. Note that only marital property, not separate property, is divisible in a divorce. Is your vacation home your property, your spouse’s property, or marital property? 
  • Uncover hidden assets. If you think that your spouse is hiding assets that could affect the outcome of your divorce, make sure you hire a lawyer or a financial professional who knows how to uncover hidden assets. 
  • Think logically. While your vacation home (as well as other property) may be dear to your heart, be sure that you go into all conversations about property division with a clear head and a logical frame of mind. Acting on emotions is rarely advisable. 
  • Be willing to negotiate. The best thing that you can do is to settle out of court. The best way to do this is to keep an open mind and be willing to negotiate and compromise. Remember, you can’t have everything in the divorce.
  • Hire a great attorney. Working with a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer who has worked on complex property division cases like yours can have a positive outcome on your divorce case. Choosing to represent yourself during a divorce is risky, and will likely not lead to a favorable outcome.

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