Grey Divorce on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is unique in many ways. Not only is it the place of lighthouses and beaches, but most of its residents earn a higher-than-average income and are in white-collar professions. What’s more, unlike many other places, such as Boston, where the average age of residents is somewhere between 25-35, the average age of those…

Child Custody – Birdnesting

When parents are getting a divorce, determining with whom children will live is often one of the hardest decisions that parents must make. What’s more, because divorce can be psychologically damaging to a child, parents are further tasked with mitigating the negative effects of a divorce in whatever way they can.

How to Establish Paternity

For mothers of children in Massachusetts, legal parentage and the rights that surround it is automatic; birth mothers do not need to do anything to prove that they are a child’s mother, and a mother’s name is automatically added to a child’s birth certificate.