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While the state of Massachusetts has been a leader on same-sex marriage, this does not mean that same-sex divorce in Cape Cod isn’t without complications. To be sure, while gay couples have the same rights to marry and divorce as do straight couples, certain issues–such as dividing property or determining a fair alimony amount–can be difficult to navigate, especially if the couple wanted to marry but was prohibited from doing so before the law changed. Additionally, issues of child custody may be complicated if only one parent is the child’s biological or legal parent.

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What’s Different in a Gay Divorce on Cape Cod?

If you are getting a divorce and you are in a same-sex marriage, the basics of your divorce case will follow the same format as other divorces. For example, you’ll still need to file or respond to your divorce petition, resolve various issues in the divorce with your spouse, and head to court in divorce litigation if a settlement cannot be reached. That being said, there are some elements of a gay divorce case that may be different or more complex than a standard divorce. These include:

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Common Law Marriage is Not Recognized

First, it’s important to note that common law marriage–where a couple who is not married but lives together and recognizes each other as spouses–is not recognized in our state. 

For those who were living together as spouses before the law allowing for marriage passed in our state, or for those who chose not to marry for reasons related to family or societal factors, this may seem unfair when it comes to matters of alimony and property division. For example, consider a couple that has lived together for the past 20 years, but didn’t marry until five years ago. Should an alimony award be based on the 20 years of life together, or only the past five? What about property acquired during the relationship 15 years ago vs. three years ago? These are tough questions that require the assistance of an attorney to navigate. You’ll want a lawyer on your side advocating for you.

Determining Child Custody May Be More Complicated

The other issue that is particularly convoluted in gay divorce is that of child custody. If a child is not the biological child of both parents, or if both parents have not established legal parental rights (through adoption), then only one parent in the marriage may actually have the right to seek custody of a child. This can be a heartbreaking reality for the other, who raised the child. For this reason, it’s very important to establish parental rights as early on in a child’s life as possible. Please call our lawyer if you need help doing this, or if you are getting a divorce and are wondering how your parental rights will be implicated.

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