Cape Cod Divorce

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a lot of work and, sometimes, even with the best of intentions and efforts, marriages fail. At the Law Office of Heather M. Ward, our Cape Cod divorce lawyer understands the emotional and financial implications of divorce, and knows that having an advocate on your side can prove helpful throughout…


What Your Divorce Lawyer Does

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce in Massachusetts, you may be on the fence about whether or not you need a divorce lawyer. By understanding what a divorce lawyer does, you may be better able to make a decision about whether or not working with a divorce lawyer is right for you. Here’s an…


Splitting Up Vacation Property During a Divorce

Couples who are legally separating in Massachusetts must reach an agreement about the division of assets, including any real property, and debts before their divorce can be finalized. For high-asset individuals and marriages, divvying up assets can prove complicated. If you and/or your spouse own a vacation property, here’s a look into how property division…


Divorce Settlement – What You Need to Know

While you may be more than ready to terminate your relationship with your spouse and move forward with your life independently, unfortunately, the process of settling a divorce can take many months. Attorney Heather M. Ward can help you to understand the divorce settlement process, including issues that must be resolved before your divorce can…


Gay Prenups – Do You Need One?

As you and your partner plan for your wedding, you have a lot of things to think about: What will you wear? Who will be on the guest list? Where will the venue be? And more. As you make these decisions, you might also consider forming a prenuptial agreement. For all couples, prenuptial agreements can…


Child Custody – Birdnesting

When parents are getting a divorce, determining with whom children will live is often one of the hardest decisions that parents must make. What’s more, because divorce can be psychologically damaging to a child, parents are further tasked with mitigating the negative effects of a divorce in whatever way they can.